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Greg Schiano says Legarrette Blount is always on time

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A few days ago, reports came out that Legarrette Blount was, shockingly, not the most timely person on the planet. He reportedly needed a driver to get to work on time in 2010 and 2011. That's not a shocking revelation, but the fact that the problem was so structural is at least interesting. Still, according to Schiano, Blount has had no issues the past few months. Schiano appeared on Jim Rome's show to say the following, via Pro Football Talk:

"I think that probably got blown out of proportion a little bit," Schiano said. "He probably had some troubles - I'm not really familiar with the facts - but that's all behind us. LeGarrette has been great. We've had workouts here, we've had OTAs, minicamps, and he's been on time for everything. It hasn't been an issue at all and I don't foresee that being an issue."

"I have a lot of faith in LeGarrette," Schiano said. "LeGarrette has bought into what we're doing, he's working incredibly hard, and if you watch and you see the things he does from time to time, it's great - really great running back play. It's just we need to put those things together consistently."

Of course, it's not like Schiano would have any reason to blast Blount publicly had this still been the case, but he doesn't really have a reason to lie, either. It's also interesting that Schiano mentions Blount's consistency, which has been my main problem with the running back over the past two years: he'll have plays and games in which he looks great, and then games and plays in which he looks absolutely terrible. If Blount is focused and runs downhill, with power he can be a great running back. But there are simply too many plays in which he doesn't. Can Blount improve this offseason? He at least has legitimate competition to push him, this time.