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We love rankings: Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight ends come in at 28

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers made a few moves at tight end this offseason: they said goodbye to Kellen Winslow, signed Dallas Clark and Chase Coffman and drafted Drake Dunsmore. That's a lot of movement, but not exactly improvement. While Winslow was clearly slowing down, he was still the focal point of the offense for the past three seasons. Dallas Clark hasn't done much in previous seasons, while Dunsmore is a seventh-round pick and Coffman came off the street. With Luke Stocker, Zach Pianalto and Collin Franklin, the Bucs have three guys who can block a little, run a little, and mostly just don't do enough to be productive tight ends. Aside from Clark, all those players are at least young, so they could still improve - but this is not an intimidating group. So it should come as no surprise that Ryan van Bibber ranked them 28th in the NFL.

Not that Kellen Winslow could be considered a difference maker at this point in his career, but you would have assumed that the Bucs could have found a way to keep a decent pair of hands in the lineup. Replacing Winslow and his six knee surgeries is Dallas Clark. Injuries have hampered his last two seasons, limiting him to just about 700 yards over that time. He looks like more of a mentor than a contributor.