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Offseason grade: Tampa Bay Buccaneers do things 'slow and steady'?

Well, I guess Nicks could be called 'slow'.
Well, I guess Nicks could be called 'slow'.

The offseason is almost over, as training camps around the league will start over the next couple of weeks. With the end of the offseason come offseason grades, as if we haven't seen enough of those so far. This time, Sports Illustrated goes at the grades and gives the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Pretty respectable, but a little middle of the pack as well. Especially so for a team that added three expensive free agents, and drafted three three-down starters in the first two rounds of the draft. Here's SI's justification for this grade:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Solid work was done here in Greg Schiano's first offseason, but let's not pretend everything was solved overnight. Mark Barron will be a key cog in the defense for years, but the corners need to be much better and I'm not convinced Eric Wright can make that happen. I am a big fan of rookie LB Lavonte David, and the Vincent Jackson addition gives Tampa a much-needed threat at receiver. Slow and steady. Grade: B

The complaint that the Bucs couldn't fix everything in one offseason may be justified, but it's hard to point to what else they should have done this offseason. Still, the most absurd line in this piece is the final one: 'Slow and steady'. Really? That's what you think of the team that spent more money in free agency than any other team in the league? The Bucs may not have fixed everything in one offseason, but their approach was far from slow and steady. Instead, the Bucs have tried to renovate a large portion of their roster in one offseason. Is this enough? I don't know, but it certainly isn't slow.