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Who are the biggest trolls in Tampa Bay Buccaneers history?

Look at that trollface.
Look at that trollface.

The phenomenon of the internet troll is pretty well known. The guy who comes in simply to provoke and annoy. Alfie Crow applied that to the sports world a few days ago, with Brett Favre coming out on top - of course. Who else could be the best troll in sports history? Brett Favre stands alone.

But there have been plenty of trolls in Tampa Bay Buccaneers history as well. There have to be, with the amount of silly and pathetic events in the team's history, especially during the Culverhouse era. At one point, the Bucs even got involved in the Brett Favre sweepstakes.

But to me, only one man qualifies for the biggest troll in Bucs history award: Bill Parcells. The coach who was twice contracted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and twice left them at the altar. Once in 1992 when Hugh Culverhouse settled for Sam Wyche instead. Once in 2002, when the Glazers saw him as the perfect man to take over the team after they fired Tony Dungy. The second jilting may have been worse: the deal was reportedly done, the contract was supposedly signed - and then he backed, leaving the Bucs with little options and less time to find a replacement coach. Ultimately that turned out to be for the best, because Jon Gruden got them to the Super Bowl that very same year.

Still, for leaving the Bucs at the altar - twice, and then going on to other teams, Parcells gets the biggest sports troll in Buccaneers history award. Who gets yours?