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What can the NFL do to improve the stadium experience?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have struggled for years to improve ticket sales, yet they continue to face blackouts. Although that could change this year with a new league rule allowing teams to lower the blackout threshold to 85%, it's not clear whether the Bucs will take advantage of that rule. If they do, they will have to pay opposing teams for each ticket sold above the 85% threshold.

While that's one way to avoid blackouts, another is to draw more people to the stadiums. People often prefer to stay at home to watch the games, especially with the massive cost of going to a game. The Bucs have endeavored to improve the non-spectacular gameday experience at Raymond James Stadium, most notably by simply lowering ticket prices for two years in a row. But the NFL writers of SB Nation have a number of different ideas to improve the experience: WiFi, designated seating areas, tailgating, turning up the intensity and simply winning games come up as suggestions in that article.

So what are your suggestions for in-stadium improvements the NFL can make to draw more fans to the stadium?