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Daily Bucs Links 7/10/12 - Josh Freeman's potential and desire

Tampa Bay Bucs camp outlook: Old-school education awaits young roster - NFL - Sporting News
Camp preview.

Bucs LeGrand prepared to receive Jimmy V Award during the ESPYs Wednesday | & Tampa Bay Times
Deservedly so.

What Barron, Toon can expect - NFC South Blog - ESPN

Bucs' Turner Sees Freeman's Potential – And Desire | Pewter Report
Now he needs to deliver. - Ranking the last-place teams heading into 2012
The Bucs do well.

NFL - Power at the core of franchising issue - ESPN
Interesting view at the franchise tag.

Camp Season Begins, Bucs to Report Soon |
Camp's about to start.

Fans making clear that they want lower prices | ProFootballTalk
That would help, indeed.

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FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | 2011 Formation Analysis: Number of RBs Part II
Hm, the Bucs were much worse against multi-back sets than against single-back sets. " Blog Archive " Steve White Talks Bucs - Tampa Bay Bucs Football
Steve White's always worth listening to.

LeGrand hired by Subway for commercials | Fox Sports Florida
Good for him.

MOR To Broadcast Thursday Night Bucs vs. Vikings Game Locally | Pewter Report

Playbook: Playing the 'inside vertical seam' in Cover 2 | National Football Post
Playbook's always fun.

This Jaguar's Workout Schedule Is Just The Best
That's hilarious.

The Cover 2 'cheat sheet' | National Football Post