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Daily Bucs Links 6/5/12 - The Ring of Honor is coming up

No Winslow Homer - Field Gulls
An outsider's perspective on the sideline spat between Freeman and Winslow.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Four Downs: NFC South
I missed this the first time, but center? That's not a need.

Tampa Bay Bucs have best chance of quick NFC turnaround -

Bucs to name new member of Ring of Honor | & Tampa Bay Times
A few thoughts on who could enter the Ring of Honor.

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NFL says latest offer to officials included 'substantial increases in compensation' | National Football Post
And now there's a strike. Replacement refs. That'll help the quality of the game. | Goodell Credits McCoy For Draft-Hug Silliness - Tampa Bay Bucs Football
McCoy makes a mark on history.

More on the structure of Doug Martin's contract | & Tampa Bay Times
Standard rookie contract.

NFL - Calvin Johnson, A.J. Green among top 15 wide receivers in 2015 - ESPN
No Bucs.

D-Line Updates: Bucs Sign Gilberry, Mitchell |