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Aqib Talib says things got "too loose" and Schiano brought back the order in the building

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Aqib Talib has often been seen as the bad boy on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' roster after a string of off-field incidents involving various degrees of violent confrontations. He was accused of a assault with a deadly weapon last year, but that case was finally dismissed and the cornerback can go back to playing football. But despite his image as a bad boy and his apparent closeness to former head coach Raheem Morris, Aqib Talib appears to be buying into Greg Schiano's new regime of rules and order. He said as much when he appeared on the radio show Mayhem in the AM on 790 The Zone in Atlanta, as transcribed by Sports Radio Interviews.

"It got a little loose last year where people got a little too loose around the building." said the cornerback."So Schiano definitely came in and brought that order back to the building." Talib also noted a positive difference in the way the team as a whole has embraced the offseason. "The biggest difference is, I think, the attendance. We had probably like 97, 98 percent attendance since Apr. 4, since we started our offseason program."

The question now is whether Talib can keep out of trouble. Since the incident back in early 2011 he hasn't been in the news, so at least he's doing his part for now. And it appears he understands the problem, too. "Just gotta get to the right place at the right time and stuff like that won't happen to you."

So far this offseason, Talib has done everything we can, and we've heard nothing but positive things about the young cornerback coming out of One Buccaneer Place. Despite rumors of efforts to trade one of the most talented defensive players on the team, it appears the team is happy with Talib. If all goes well, we might even see a long-term contract extension before the end of the year.

More importantly, though, the fact that even Aqib Talib is buying into the new regime says a lot of positive things about the direction of the franchise.