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Daily Bucs Links 6/29/12 - Random stuff happens

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When is it time to call it quits? | National Football Post
When no one's willing to pay you anymore.

More talk of London NFL franchise, but obstacles are significant | & Tampa Bay Times
Yeah, not happening.

Opening Day on Sale to Public Friday 6.29.12 - Celebrate with Special Deals |
Pushing hard to sell out opening day.

Splits Happen | Football Perspective
Chance plays a bigger role than people think.

Three Years of Pass Rushing Productivity: Defensive Ends |
With some Bucs.

The Sports Bookie - Bob D'Angelo: Bucs’ LeGrand makes rookie card debut in Prestige Football - from Sports

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Playbook: Andre Johnson vs. Pacman Jones | National Football Post
Yay, playbook.

Robert Kraft of New England Patriots likes idea of NFL franchise in London - ESPN Boston
Well, move the Pats there, then.

Cosell Talks DeMarco Murray - Cosell Series -
Lots of Cosell interviews.

Cosell Talks Roy Helu - Cosell Series -
And more.

Cosell Talks Shonn Greene - Cosell Series -
And even more.

[Video] Bringing Awareness to Learning Disabilities |
Community work.

NFL shifting start time of doubleheaders' 2nd game - NFL -