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NFL moves 4:15PM games to 4:25 PM, affects two Tampa Bay Buccaneers games

The NFL has made a slight change to the schedule that directly affects the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. To avoid moving away from games that aren't finished yet in doubleheader situations featuring local games, the league has decided to move all 4:15 PM games to 4:25 PM. According to the NFL, that change would have avoided 66% of all early switches for doubleheaders over the past three seasons. Nothing as frustrating as missing the end of a really good game because the network has to switch to another one. Of course, as long as the home games keep blacking out, this won't affect the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that much.

Still, the team has two games next season that will be affected. The Sept. 9 season opener against the Carolina Panthers will shift to 4:25 PM, as will the Week 4 game of September 30 at home against the Washington Redskins. The 4:05 PM games will be unaffected by this change.