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The Bucs still have room to add more quality players

A couple of days ago, Pro Football Talk posted the salary cap space still available for each team, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers still have a lot of it, despite spending like a madman this offseason. In fact, the Bucs still have some $15.74 million in salary cap space, leaving them more than enough room to sign some quality depth players if they feel the need to do so after training camp.

The reason the Bucs still have this much cap space despite going on a massive spending spree is fairly simple: most of it is rolled over from last year, when the Bucs had more cap space than any other team in the NFL. As far as I can tell from the CBA, the Buccaneers could roll over their unused cap space to next year as well, giving them more room in a year when many of their long-term contracts spike.

The fact that the Bucs still have this much cap space despite a spending spree speaks to the lack of spending before this year, but it also speaks to the smart cap management of Mark Dominik. The amount of cap space available right now is not an anomaly going forward, even if the spending continues in future years. For now, at least, the Bucs don't have to worry about a repeat of the mid-2000s, when they had almost no wiggle room under the cap.