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Percy Harvin wants to be traded, should the Tampa Bay Buccaneers be interested?

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According to the Associated Press Minnesota Vikings receiver Percy Harvin has requested a trade. The former Florida Gator has been a productive playmaker in Minnesota, but he hasn't been the focal point of the VIkings' offense despite his explosive ability. According to Pro Football Focus he was used on just 58.8% of the Vikings' offensive snaps in 2011, but managed to put up 1,312 yards of offense and nine total touchdowns (one on a punt return) in spite of that limited workload.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers could have drafted the offensive rookie of 2009 in that year's NFL draft, but opted to trade up for quarterback Josh Freeman instead. While that looks like the right decision, many Bucs fans at the time wanted to see the explosive playmaker in pewter and red at the time. Instead, the Vikings selected him a few picks later, but have struggled to find ways to properly use the wide receiver.

Should the Bucs be interested in Harvin, however? They haven't made it a habit to trade away high draft picks for players, only doing so for Kellen Winslow Jr. in 2009 in recent years. While Harvin is certainly a unique talent, he's also one that doesn't necessarily fit a conventional offense and should be used in a variety of ways. Do the Bucs have the room to use him to the best of his abilities with Vincent Jackson, Mike Williams, Preston Parker on the roster and a supposed focus on the running game?

I wouldn't expect the Bucs to go after Harvin, but it's an intriguing thought. The team has been aggressive in collecting weapons for Josh Freeman this offseason, and Harvin could be an intriguing piece of the puzzle. He would also immediately fill a major need on the team: he could be the team's main kick and punt returner. However, he may not fit Greg Schiano's way of doing things: Harvin reportedly threw a weight at Childress' head at the end of the coach's tenure, and there have been rumblings of other problematic behavior. Plus, he has some trouble staying on the field, in part due to recurring migraines.

Harvin isn't likely to join the Bucs, or even leave the Minnesota Vikings, who lack quality offensive playmakers, but it's an interesting option to think about during the dead part of the offseason.