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Roger Goodell will review Aqib Talib's case

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Although the court case against Aqib Talib has been dismissed, he may still face discipline from the league office. The league office has said that they will review the case and decide on any discipline at a later date, according to Stephen Holder of the Tampa Bay Times. Roger Goodell has requested a copy of the dismissal order in the court case, according to Rick Stroud, but his attorneys do not expect any action from the commissioner. The league initially declined to enact any discipline on lockout offenders in 2011.

Goodell certainly has the jurisdiction to suspend Talib under the CBA, although the NFLPA will undoubtedly argue that Goodell is not allowed to take against Talib because the incident occurred during the lockout. The fact that the court case was dismissed may not matter to Roger Goodell, however: he has suspended players without any legal resolution in the past, most notably suspending Ben Roethlisberger after rape allegations surfaced, but no charges were ever filed. The fact that Aqib Talib has repeatedly gotten into off-field trouble will not endear him to Goodell, but it may be tough for Goodell to find sufficient reason to suspend him this time.