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Daily Bucs Links 6/19/12 - Aqib Talib is free to walk away

Zuttah Says Schiano's Message Hasn't Changed | Pewter Report
The same guy he was in college.

Wondering if Bucs coach Greg Schiano will prove one advantage of hiring from college… -

Case against Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Aqib Talib has been dismissed - Tampa Bay Times

Felony charge against Bucs CB Aqib Talib dropped |
Now we wait for Goodell.

Roger Goodell hears New Orleans Saints appeals in bounty case - NFL -
And the defendants are screwed.

Has Aqib Talib escaped the wrath of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell? | & Tampa Bay Times
Who knows?

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FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | 2011 Play-Action, Defense
Not a big difference between defending play-action and normal passes.

No Schiano fan, Winslow says Bucs 'fired the wrong dude' |
Another bit on that incident.

Next six weeks present test of willpower for Bucs players | & Tampa Bay Times
Six weeks until training camp starts. | Could The Tarps Be Coming? - Tampa Bay Bucs Football
That'd be sad.

Vilma's attorney calls bounty fine appeal 'a sham' |
Hah, good fun. | "You Freaking Baby!" - Tampa Bay Bucs Football
Justin Pawlowski goes off on Winslow.

Buc Rookies Show Their Support for the Military at MacDill |