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Kellen Winslow: "They fired the wrong dude up there"

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Well, this is not going to endear Kellen Winslow to Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. The former Bucs tight end was interviewed by the Real Rob Report and talked about why he had to leave. Winslow was very critical of Greg Schiano, while he was full of praise for Raheem Morris, for whom he would take a bullet.

"Schiano came over, "Toes on the line, toes on the line!", blowing the whistle, you can't laugh, you can't joke around so I decided not to go to OTAs. They got my man Rah up out of there and I was loyal to him, I would have taken a bullet for that dude. So I had to roll, man."

"The cool thing about Rah is, Rah could be right here talking with us right now. He wasn't a company coach, he was a player's coach. Everything about him, he was real. You could talk to him face to face, real, man to man. They fired the wrong dude up there."