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Eric Legrand wins ESPY Jimmy V Perseverance Award

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Paralyzed Tampa Bay Buccaneer Eric LeGrand will receive the Jimmy V Perseverance Award at the ESPYs later this month. The award is given to someone who has shown great perseverance in sports, and LeGrand has certainly done that. Paralyzed on the field during a 2010 game against Army while playing for Rutgers, Eric LeGrand has worked hard to regain feeling and motion and is making steady progress toward his ultimate goal of eventually walking again. LeGrand is upbeat and never lets his situation get him down, which makes him a terrific inspiration.

LeGrand's story is well-known, and the fact that the Buccaneers decided to offer him a roster spot to serve as an inspiration to the team speaks to his perseverance. Earlier this month, his Tampa Bay jerseys went on sale, with all proceeds going to Eric LeGrand's spinal injury charity. Eric LeGrand continues to get more and more publicity, and with that so do the Bucs. That's not why they put LeGrand on the roster, I hope, but it's a nice side-effect nonetheless.