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All aboard the Mossis Madu hype train?

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The Trent Richardson train? It stands no chance against the Mossis Madu hype train that's about to get started. Josh Freeman held a youth football camp yesterday, and he talked about a number of things, but one name stood out in his talk: Mossis Madu. He has apparently been 'shredding it'. The Bucs have Legarrette Blount, drafted a first-rounder in Doug Martin, added a guy with outstanding speed in rookie Michael Smith - and Josh Freeman? Well, he gets the Mossis Madu train started.

Does that mean those other guys aren't doing well? Of course not, as Freeman gave them a mention too. It's just that his wording was a little more positive on Madu. That's a little odd, considering that Madu didn't exactly look special when he got the chance last year: 55 yards in 15 attempts only look like a positive when compared to the horrendous Kregg Lumpkin. Madu brought something different last year - a certain kind of elusiveness, but he didn't look particularly good. In fact, he looked like so many off-the-street running backs who can make a man miss at times: like just a guy.

We'll see when the regular season starts. Every year, there are players who are 'shredding it' during the offseason. And when the regular season starts, they don't show up. Usually they don't even get a chance to do anything. Where are Madu's carries going to come from, with Blount, Martin and Smith on the roster? Sometimes, though, the offseason hype does turn out to be correct. The offseason's here so we can endlessly debate these things.