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Evaluating the Buccaneers 2009 NFL Draft

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It is said that you can only properly judge a draft three years after the fact. That's why CBS is looking back at the 2009 NFL Draft, and giving every team a grade. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, somehow, get a B-.

1 (17) QB Josh Freeman, Kansas State; 3 (81) DT Roy Miller, Texas; 4 (117) DE Kyle Moore, Southern Cal; 5 (155) OT Xavier Fulton, Illinois; 7 (217) CB EJ Biggers, Western Michigan; 7 (233) WR Sammie Stroughter, Oregon State

THE GOOD: Despite serving as more of a back-up in 2011, defensive tackle Roy Miller has played in all but one game in his three-year NFL career with consistent production, providing quality depth along Tampa's front

THE BAD: After playing sparingly as a rookie in 2009, defensive end Kyle Moore started seven games in 2010, but struggled to produce (zero sacks) and was released prior to the 2011 season, later signing with the Bills

JURY STILL OUT: After a productive 2010 season, quarterback Josh Freeman took a step back in year three last season with 16 touchdowns (down nine from 2010) compared to 22 interceptions and a 4-12 record

Looking back, this draft doesn't look great, but the Bucs did find a few late-round contributors in the draft. While E.J. Biggers got regularly burned in 2011, he had a pretty good season in 2010, and he does look decent depth at cornerback. That's a lot more than you normally get from a seventh-round draft pick. Sammie Stroughter looked like a quality kick returner and slot receiver, but injuries have hampered his career. If he can stay healthy and contribute, he will represent a much better return than the average seventh-rounder.

Of course, it's the middle rounds where this draft falls apart. Roy Miller has occasionally looked like a good run defender, but he's been extremely inconsistent and offers next to nothing as a pass rusher. Kyle Moore got plenty of opportunity, but doesn't even have a single sack in the NFL. Menawhile, Xavier Fulton has yet to play an NFL snap. That's not good. Finally, there's the second-round pick the Buccaneers used to trade for Kellen Winslow. On the one hand, Winslow has been a useful receiving tight end for the past three years. On the other hand, he is clearly slowing down, he can't block and his usefulness may be coming to an end. Does that represent good return on your investment?

Everything in this draft hinges on the first-rounder, however. If quarterback Josh Freeman can rebound from his horrendous 2011 season and get back to his 2010 form, he will make this draft look great. If he can't stop throwing interceptions, this draft looks horrendous.