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Daily Bucs Links 5/7/12 - Wrapping up mini-camp and rookie signings

The Shutdown Corner Podcast: Wrapping up the draft with Greg Cosell | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
A few thoughts on the Bucs in there, near the end.

Johnson feels at home with Bucs -- and with their draft picks | & Tampa Bay Times
Leonard Johnson is one of the more promising rookies.

Derrick Roberson to Buccaneers on two-year deal
There's another one.

Johnson: "I Am More Than Happy To Be Home" | Pewter Report
Leonard Johnson.

Bucs' rookie Smith enjoys whirlwind draft |
Should be a valuable change of pace back.

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Look for LSU's Jordan Jefferson among large number of signings in Bucs rookie camp | & Tampa Bay Times
I wonder wheher he'll be a QB in the NFL.

Bucs Wrap Up Mini-Camp, Plan To Sign 22-29, Including Jefferson, Johnson | Pewter Report
Major roster overhaul.

Jefferson Out to Prove He Is an NFL Quarterback |
I don't think he can be.

[Video] Coach Schiano Rookie Camp Press Conference |
Yay, press conferences.

[Video] Buccaneers Insider, One Common Goal |
Beat opponents.