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Eric LeGrand's #52 Jersey - Coming to Stores Soon!

It appears the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have heard our requests, as Eric LeGrand just tweeted out a photo of his jersey, with the message that it will be in stores soon. Hopefully the Buccaneers have heard our request on the proceeds going to charity as well, because it would be a shame if this was just a move to make some more money. I'm pretty sure that would be a pretty effective move, though.

Eric LeGrand's story has been great. The fact that the Bucs actually offered him a roster spot, and continue to have him on the roster, is heartwarming and great to see. This is the kind of story you love to see from your favorite franchise, and the Bucs surely are obliging. I do wonder how long this will last, though, because at some point the team will need that roster spot. No matter how long LeGrand stays on the roster, though, it remains a terrific story.