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Detail-oriented or control freak? Greg Schiano wants a culture change

Great detail on the play chart
Great detail on the play chart

Details, details, details. That seems to be Greg Schiano's motto. That certainly appears to be correct, as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach seems to worry about a lot of little things. The latest: the temperature in meeting rooms. Why? Well, because it gets hot in meeting rooms and that hurts concentration. Makes perfect sense, but it's not the kind of detail most organizations would worry about. Another example was, of course, the fact that he wants players to bring two drinks of water to every meeting. Details are important.

But, there's a downside to this. He's been described as a control freak, as we've talked about before. That isn't necessarily a good thing, as it's easy to want too much control over unimportant things. One such issue: which noodle is used in your pasta. Apparently, a Rutgers staffer once admonished food servers because the pasta was the wrong shape, so says Peter King. It's not clear whether that was just an overzealous staffer, but that kind of control is unnecessary and often counterproductive.

In Tampa Bay, the emphasis on details is part of a culture change. The Bucs want to change everything in their building, and they want to infuse the organization with a feel for the importance of details. That's what Schiano did at Rutgers, and he had a lot of success there. Can he replicate that in the NFL? He thinks he can, as he told Albert Breer. We'll just have to wait and see.