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Daily Bucs Links 5/3/12 - On Junior Seau

NFL Power Rankings: Peyton Manning, Broncos Are Biggest Unknown -
Bucs still don't do well.

Players to watch in Bucs' rookie camp | & Tampa Bay Times
Undrafted free agents who could make an impact.

Teams receive memo from NFL on player 'bounty' punishments -
They dont want this to happen again. news: Vilma 'shocked and extremely disappointed' by ban
Of course he is. And he will appeal.

Will Smith calls the accusations against him "one-hundred percent false" | ProFootballTalk
Of course he does.

Saints players will receive the "due process" for which the union bargained | ProFootballTalk
That is, not much.

Junior Seau’s death another sad ending for the 1994 Chargers | ProFootballTalk

School of the Legends - Follow Stephen White
Steve White shares his thoughts on Junior Seau and depression. Well worth a read.

Junior Seau's legacy extends well beyond his play on the field - Jim Trotter -
Great legacy.

Junior Seau was gregarious, ebullient, hilarious and immensely popular - Yahoo! Sports
A great player.

Comparing The 2012 NFL Draft With A Mock Draft -
The trades killed all mock drafts.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Draft Grade | Mark Barron, Doug Martin and more - YouTube
From ProFootballWeekly.

Jonathan Vilma releases statement about suspension | ProFootballTalk
Statements everywhere. - NFL announces camp, OTA dates
For those who need to know.

[Video] 'Every Game, I Used Drugs': The Story Of Willie Mays Aikens - Baseball Nation
Worth watching, even though it's baseball.

Junior Seau's death could be another tragic reminder of football's collateral damage - Andy Staples -
It could be, but it could also be a tragic reminder that depression is a serious illness.

Kraft remembers 'our buddy' Seau - Extra Points -
Even the owners pitch in.