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Daily Bucs Links 5/26/12 - Freeman is working hard

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Bucs Q&A: Will Blount be the starter, or Martin? |
Martin, but Blount will undoubtedly get his touches.

Penn To Freeman: "We Like The Way You Are Working" | Pewter Report
He has to work hard.

Buccaneers: Dream/nightmare scenarios - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Super Bowl/first overall pick.

Pewter Pulse 5-25 | Pewter Report
Lots of OTA notes.

Warren Sapp's book, Sapp Attack, is as raw, boisterous and loud as the former Tampa Bay Buccaneer himself - Tampa Bay Times
Good fun.

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Saints QB Drew Brees' contract efforts could be aided by language in CBA - Yahoo! Sports
It'll get worked out, but this is a lot of hilarious drama as long as it doesn't.

Pop Warner to Honor Bucs McCoy |
Yay charity.

NFL labor peace now seems like a distant memory - The Washington Post

Having finally landed, Kellen Winslow looks for a fresh start in Seattle | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
Good luck.