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Daily Bucs Links 5/24/12 - NFLPA files collusion claim against NFL

Some thoughts on missed OTAs | & Tampa Bay Times
No one's getting cut for that. | Donald Penn Talks Bucs, Josh Freeman - Tampa Bay Bucs Football
Penn loves Nicks.

Freeman may be better without Winslow - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Maybe, but replacing Winslow with Clark isn't exactly a step up.

The Roger Goodell Dictatorship Will End In Disaster -
Somehow, I doubt it.

NFL Players Association files collusion claim against league - Jim Trotter -
This is going to be fun.

NFL - Many layers to NFLPA collusion case - ESPN
Andrew Brandt with the explanation.

NFLPA Files Collusion Complaint Against NFL, Alleges 'Secret' Cap In 2010 -
Labor peace? Nope.

Bucs have to look ahead to 2013 salary cap - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Don't expect a spending spree next year.

Bucs paid extra for undrafted rookies - NFC South Blog - ESPN
They always do. No real reason not to, really.

Are Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano's domineering ways good or bad? - Tampa Bay Times
I'll go with 'undetermined'.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers look at OTAs as 'an extended period of practice' - Tampa Bay Times
...isn't that how everyone sees OTAs?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers don't have to attend OTAs, but coaches note absences - Tampa Bay Times
It doesn't matter that much. | Gerald McCoy Speaks - Tampa Bay Bucs Football
And Gerald McCoy gets an interview spot.

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KSK’s List Of The Most Average Players Ever | Kissing Suzy Kolber
Quite a few Bucs on this list.

[Video] Blogger Blitz: Dallas Clark in Tampa Bay - NFC South Blog - ESPN
A quick bit on Clark.

John Schneider, Tom Cable on the Acquisition of Kellen Winslow - Field Gulls
They like him, at least.

Navigating the NFL Injury Report: Knee Injuries " Second Opinion
Good info here.

What's the rationale on Preston Parker's new deal? | & Tampa Bay Times
He was the best receiver on the team last year?

Commentary | Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano continues to clean house by getting rid of Kellen Winslow Jr. | Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Bradenton Herald
One big hit piece on Winslow.

More Deals? Trade Deadline Possibly Moving Back |
Will make it a little more interesting, at least.

[Video] Buccaneer Dads Go All-Pro |

[Video] Buccaneers Give Thousands to Local Middle School |
More charity.