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Kellen Winslow, Buccaneers Expected To Part Ways

Over the last three seasons, Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Kellen Winslow has been one of the team's leading receiving options. However, the tight end, acquired from the Cleveland Browns in 2009, finds himself back on the trading block. Winslow appeared on Sirius XM this morning and said that he will not be with the Bucs this season.

Winslow was originally a Top 10 pick by the Cleveland Browns, but wore out his welcome after dealing with injuries early in his career and was traded to the Buccaneers. Winslow now expects to be traded once again, but does not expect to be with the Buccaneers for the 2012 NFL season. According to Winslow, the Bucs were upset he wasn't working out with them this offseason. Although Winslow has dealt with a variety of injuries, he believes he has plenty left in the tank.

Something that could be a factor in the situation is that the Bucs worked out former Indianapolis Colts tight end Dallas Clark last week, according to a report by Adam Schefter of ESPN. The team is expected to try to sign him this week.