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Breaking News: NFL Great Junior Seau found dead in home.

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Very sad news coming out of Oceanside, CA, where Junior Seau has been found dead in his home. Details are sketchy at this time, and it's unclear whether Seau was the victim of homicide or a self inflicted gunshot wound. However, reports do tell us that Seau has indeed passed away and leaves three children behind.

Update: According to a report published by the North County Times, the gunshot was to the chest and initially believed to be self inflicted.

Who shoots themselves in the chest? That seems strange to me.

Seau had recently been having some trouble in his life. In October of 2010, hours after being arrested for a domestic violence incident, Seau drove his vehicle off the side of an embankment and landed on a beach below. From the article in North County Times:

Police said there were no signs of drugs or alcohol at the crash site and that said Seau told investigators he didn't intend to drive off the cliff and that he was tired after being up all night.

The lack of skid marks leading up to the point where Seau's vehicle left the road support that statement, according to police.

Could this have been a first suicide attempt? It's hard to say, but the lack of skid marks may be telling in that regard.

Seau is a surefire bet to be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame, and he'll be missed not only by Charger, Dolphin, and Patriots fans, but by every single one of the NFL fans who admired his talent and his uncompromised dedication to the game.

Rest in peace Junior. You'll be sorely missed.