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What do you think of Mark Dominik as general manager?

The last time we did a poll like this, the results were okay, but hardly spectacular. That's a pretty big turnaround from last year, when Dominik looked like a genius and Raheem Morris appeared to be the next big NFL coach. But Dominik has done plenty since then, signing a few more backups and, most notably, leading what appears to have been one stellar draft for the Bucs. Of course, it's easy for a draft class to look good before it has even hit the field, and there's some reason to be critical of the process as well.

Still, it looks like optimism reigns among Bucs fans right now. Hopes for the new season are high and positive stories are constantly leaking out of One Buc Place. But is that all because of Dominik? How much of that is Greg Schiano? Is Dominik losing power in the front office with the addition of Schiano and Butch Davis?

So, has this changed your opinion of Mark Dominik? Has he done a good job this offseason? Let us know in the poll and comments.