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Jonathan Vilma sues Roger Goodell for defamation

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In another hilarious twist in the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal, Jonathan Vilma has decided to sue Roger Goodell for defamation. Vilma claims that Goodell "in relation to the Bounty scandal in relation to purported efforts designed to injure opposing players, made public statements concerning Vilma which were false, defamatory and injurious to Vilma's professional and personal reputation." If you want all the details, head on over to

This doesn't mean much for the Buccaneers, for now. It's possible that Vilma sees his suspension repealed if he wins the lawsuit, but that doesn't make the Saints that much stronger. Vilma has declined quite a lot in recent years and isn't the player he used to be. And the Saints have done well to bolster their linebacking corps this offseason, by signing Curtis Lofton and David Hawthorne.

This lawsuit is interesting in one way, though: Vilma is using the court system to challenge Roger Goodell. Could Aqib Talib or the NFLPA attempt to do the same in case he is suspended at some point in the future? Will we see more occasions of players trying to go over Goodell's head - and will it work?