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NFL Top 100 of 2012: Carl Nicks at #76

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a second player to make it in the NFL Top 100 of 2012: Carl Nicks was listed as the 76th best player in the NFL. While Nicks wasn't a Buccaneer in previous years, he is now - and he's seen as the 76th best player by his peers. This means the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have at least two offensive linemen in the NFL Top 100, as Donald Penn was listed at #97. Right guard Davin Joseph could conceivably join the two, though it seems rather unlikely given that Carl Nicks - a better player - has already been named to the list. Joseph has made multiple appearances on the show, talking about other players.

One more Buccaneers player could realistically make the list as well: wide receiver Vincent Jackson. Another free agent to join the Bucs this offseason, Jackson was one of the premier wide receivers in the NFL over the past years. Will his fellow players think him good enough to join Nicks and Penn on this list?

The presence of both Carl Nicks and Donald Penn does tell us one thing: the Bucs have a lot of talent on their offensive line. They will use that talent to run the football, but it remains to be seen whether they can do so successfully, and actually win games that way.