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Subscribe to the SB Nation Youtube Channel

You may have noticed the videos that are showing up more and more frequently in stories on Bucs Nation: they're all part of the SB Nation Youtube Channel, which produces some excellent content with surprisingly high production values. The draft grades videos are just one part of that, but there are a few really good video series on the channel. SB Nation asked us to promote the channel, and I wanted to pick out two of my favorite video series on there. Go check them out.

Shutdown Fullback (College Football meets Tim & Eric -- New episodes every Friday): If you've ever wondered what it would look like to see a video version of threads on, we ll here you go. Simultaneously a college football talk show and unintentional postmodern art project, I personally guarantee Spencer Hall and Jason Kirk will make you laugh (or else they've duff'd it). Essential Viewing: Bobby Petrino Fired episode with hot blonde assistant -

Bomani & Jones (All sports; opinion and commentary -- New episodes Monday and Thursday): Around the Horn contributor and known Twitter user Bomani Jones is Bomani & Jones: sketches and commentary with no excuses. Think Chapelle's Show for the internet and the sports world. Essential Viewing: Oklahoma Thunder are the Rolling Stones:

If you like what you see, please subscribe to the channel and keep following SB Nation for first-rate video content.

And for the baseball fans among you, check out the new daily pick 'em game SB Nation has launched called Pick 6.