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What do you think of Mark Dominik's performance as Buccaneers general manager?

I'm thinking of doing these opinion polls a little more often, as they're always a good source for debates. Just to see how it goes, here's the first one: what do you think of Mark Dominik's tenure so far? The fourth-year GM hasn't presided over a hugely successful team, but he has appeared to consistently add talent to the team. The problem is: a lot of that talent is questionable.

Will Josh Freeman turn into the franchise QB we all hope he will be, or will he get stuck in 2011 mode? Can Gerald McCoy stay healthy? Can Arrelious Benn develop? Is Mike Williams the second coming of Michael Clayton? Will the big three free agents work out in Tampa? Those are all open-ended questions right now, and the answer to those questions have a strong influence on the eventual evaluation of Mark Dominik's tenure so far. How optimistic are you about the man in charge?