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Are You Smarter than an NFL Player?

Since the news broke yesterday that top cornerback draft prospect Morris Claiborne allegedly scored a 4 on the Wonderlic test, there's been many a fan who have branded the youngster as being "stupid".

While the merits of the Wonderlic as a tool to gauge intelligence and its relation to the football field continues to be a subject for debate, teams do still use this to help determine the mental capacity to learn for a prospect.

It's a strange interpretation, too. Some who scored highly were deemed uncoachable because they're "too brainy". Others who scored very low are considered risky because they may not be able to retain the playbook and instruction.

It's certainly not an exact science and different organizations put their own level of importance on the score. If a prospect falls in line with averages, it's not really noticed. Score very high or extremely low and you get some unwanted attention

So what score would you get if you took the test? Well, the folks at have what they claim is sample version of the Wonderlic.

Give it a shot and if you care to share, let us know how you did! Wonderlic Sample Test

After you complete your test, you can compare your score to professionals - Average Wonderlic Scores

If you scored higher than 30, you are smarter than Peyton Manning, Phillip Rivers, Drew Brees and most NFL players.

For the record, I scored a 32. Yes...I know...shocking. I expected to be closer to Mo Claiborne.