Five Mind Blowing Scenarios You Haven't Considered

I'm always into the what-ifs. I love the type of stuff that opens the mind to new possibilities that haven't even been considered. So voila, here are 5 things you probably haven't considered.

Numero Uno: The Buccaneers sign Johnathan Vilma.

The NFL has been in the middle of a large scale bounty scandal by Saints. We all know the story. However, what we don't yet know is what punishments will be applied to the players. Vilma's name magically pops up into almost every report on the scandal. The Saints have been trying to cover themselves in the chance that a purge of the defense is forced by the NFL. They have signed linebackers Hawthorne and Lofton in a weeks span. There are now six starting caliber linebackers on their roster. The release of Vilma seems imminent. All it takes is a suspension and he very well may be released. Even if the suspension is only short-term, the Saints may be looking to release him to save themselves from a continued PR nightmare. This is when he follows the road Lofton took and signs to an in division rival to seek his revenge. The Bucs have now found themselves their new franchise linebacker.

Number Two: The Buccaneers don't draft linebacker, corner, or running back in the first three rounds.

The front office has had several shots at getting a linebacker in free agency. All the team has is young linebackers that are unproven and thought to be unproductive. Of all the free agent signings, why not linebacker? It is because the coaches have decided the linebackers on the roster are going to be the future. Foster showed some signs of being a capable linebacker in the NFL. He is young, smart, and tough; just what Schiano is looking for. Black has been widely criticized for being over-paid and useless. However, he is still on guaranteed money and thus guaranteed a start next season so he can earn his contract. A third linebacker is quickly becoming less valued in the NFL. Teams are consistently going to multiple WR sets on running downs. The nickle corner is starting to see just as much time as the third linebacker on the depth chart. Why draft one so high? Besides, we're signing Vilma right?

What's all this talk of needing corners? We are going to have Talib, Wright, and Barber next year. That's an upgrade over last year. There are reports that Talib's trial is an overblown hooplah. He is an innocent man! He knows it, the courts know it, and, most of all, the Bucs knows it. Talib and Wright being our starters next year sounds promising. We then have Barber in the slot and for tight ends. Beyond that we have Biggers, Lewis, and Gaitor to fight it out for the dime position. Who wants a corner that can't score higher than a 4 on an important and completely relevant exam anyways? We can find corners in the 7th round who can. (Sarcasm)

Blount is a man; he's a manly man - the manliest man from the Isle of Man. Most of all, he is our man. He is getting his first off season to learn and prepare. He is going to come out of the gates flying like a 245 pound bat out of hell. Not able to catch? Not able to pass protect? These are things of the past for the slugger from Oregon. He's our bell cow and there is no running turning back. The team can get a 5th round scat back for insurance and we will be on our way to the rushing title.

Number Three: The Buccaneers resign Barret Ruud and Cadillac Williams.

What is the difference between the 2010 10-6 Bucs and the 2011 4-12 Bucs? An easy schedule The loss of players Barret Ruud and Cadillac Williams. What is the one mantra we have heard is the source of our teams problems? A lack of veterans and leadership. There are no bigger veterans that we lost last season than Ruud and Williams. The team is still in need of both a linebacker and a third down back. What is the easiest way to solve all of these problems? Sign them right back onto our team.They are both still free agents and nobody seems to want them- except us. We are going to get them for cents on the dollar and make our way back to the 10-6 team we once were.

Number Four: The Buccaneers trade all of their draft picks for Ricky Williams Andrew Luck.

This Freeman guy is a drag. He's holding this young team down! 16 TDs and 22 INTs? Lets show this man to the door. Hell, we are already in the process. He is on his contract year and the team still hasn't resigned him. Do you know who we really need? This Andrew Luck guy. He's the best player to come out of college since the healthy Colt more-rings-than-his-brother esteemed Payton Manning. Since he is obviously going to be the next Manning, lets make sure we get him now and not regret it in the future. What is he worth? How about our entire draft. It's not like we can make much better use of it anyways Mr. Dom (See Number Two). We all saw how great Ricky Williams turned out to be, and we are going to follow the bold actions of Mike Ditka. He alone has won as many Superbowls coaching than every coach in Buccaneers history. So why not?

Number Five: The Buccaneers refuse to play offense

Freeman has been continually reported as "having tried to do too much." Last year he was out of his league. We asked him to throw the ball. We were fools but now we have seen the light. In the same fashion, Schiano has stated Blount won't be carrying the ball next year if he has fumbling issues. It's pretty obvious that they won't stop. Three fumbles in a single season? With those numbers he's never going to be handed-off the ball. This leads to the most obvious conclusion. We are moving Blount to QB and Freeman to RB. What's not to like? Ricky Williams played QB in Miami for a season and rocked the NFL. Freeman is 248 pounds and is the bell cow Schiano has been referring to this entire time. It's not like he has 5 fumbles last season fumbles the ball as much as Blount does. Schiano infamously stated that we are going to play "great defense, win the special teams battle, and be a physical offensive football team that takes shots down the field." The proper interpretation is that we are going to play great defense, win the special teams battle, pound the ball with Freeman and take shots down the field with our 20 million dollar punter. Who says this formula can't win you games? The Ravens used the same exact strategy in their 2000 Superbowl team when the offense refused to play and didn't score a touchdown in five straight games. This is proven science folks.

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