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Undrafted Free Agent Signings: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Early Rumors


With the draft over, we head into undrafted free agency. This is a period when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers add a lot of players simply to fill out the roster for the offseason, but a few of those players always manage to either make the roster, or at least the practice squad. Occasionally a few gems come from this group, and others tease with potential before getting injured for the season (I'm looking at you, Raymond Webber). No signings have been confirmed yet, but reputable people have indicated a few signings at least. Note that this is not official, so file this under 'rumors' for now. We should have an official list some time tomorrow morning.

Confirmed/reputable signings for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

FB Cody Johnson, Texas - reported by Charlie Campbell of Walter Football, confirmed by Jenna Laine.

G/C Chaz Hine, USF - reported by Rick Stroud, citing agent Glen Lansky

CB Leonard Johnson, Iowa - reported by Neil Stratton of Inside The League, confirmed by Rick Stroud

CB Quenton Washington, USF - reported by Greg Auman of Tampa Bay Times

WR Eric Page, Toledo -reported by the Tampa Bay Times Signed with the Denver Broncos

T Mike Van Der Meulen, Toledo - reported by the Tampa Bay Times

Rumored signings for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

S Tramain Thomas, Arkansas - reported by Shane Hallam of

G Desmond Wynn, Rutgers -reported by Shane Hallam of

DE Morkeith Brown, Temple - reported by Doug Kyed of

WR Tyler Shoemaker, Boise State - reported by Mike Loyko of

T Bradley Sowell, Mississippi - reported by Mike Loyko of

In addition to these players, the Bucs will bring in a number of rookies for tryouts. The Bucs noted they would sign about 15 undrafted free agents, while holding a few roster spots open for rookies to make the offseason roster via tryouts.