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2012 NFL Draft results: What do you think of Keith Tandy as a Buccaneer?

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In the sixth round of the 2012 NFL draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers added Keith Tandy, a cornerback out of West Virginia. Like his previously drafted teammate Najee Goode, he should at least provide competition in training camp, but will he bring more than that?

With 13 interceptions and 24 passes defensed in his career, Tandy is a ballhawk. He's also knows as a tough and physical player, although his tackling technique needs some work. That's something the Bucs must hope they can teach. If they can teach him to be a secure tackler, there's a chance they try to move Tandy to safety, as the cornerback is said to struggle in man coverage because of a lack of speed and quickness. Overall, this is a tough defender with some upside - and at first glance I like him better than fifth-round pick Goode.

But what do you think of Tandy? Did you like his addition to the Bucs? Do you see him as a safety or cornerback? Let us know in the comments!