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2012 NFL Draft Grades: Buccaneers Second Day Grades and Evaluations

National writers love Lavonte David. It's getting a little silly. Judging by the praise the Buccaneers are getting for selection David, you would think they had just drafted Derrick Brooks all over again. Of course, that's exactly the comparison we often see for David, now he'll get his chance to prove everyone right, or wrong. But first, let's see what some of the national outlets had to say about the Bucs' pick of Lavonte David.

Joel Thorman - SB Nation: A

Buccaneers: I'm starting to love this draft. Mark Barron in the 1st round, and Doug Martin at the end of Round 1. Both potential starters and areas of need. Then Lavonte David in the 2nd round, who is also at a position of need. Great picks.

Pete Prisco - CBS Sports : A+

One of my favorite players in this draft. I compared him to Derrick Brooks in a column and I think he has that ability. What a steal. Great move.

Nolan Nawrocki - Pro Football Weekly:

GM Mark Dominik has filled his three most pressing needs with starter-caliber talent. David has outstanding instincts, urgency and tempo and should bring a leadership presence to the Buccaneers' defense.

Mel Kiper - ESPN:

Tampa Bay gets one of my favorite players in the draft with Lavonte David -- and at No. 57! Worry all you want about his size; that's a pretty great value in my opinion, and he's a need fit. Huge couple of days for the Bucs. They're drafting starters

ESPN Scouts Inc.:

What he brings: David lacks elite size but he plays with great leverage, both as a tackler and taking on blocks. He brings great versatility on third down to hold up zone and man coverage, which should help considering the NFL's trend to pass-happy offenses.

How he fits: This is an adequate linebacker group without a lot of big explosive plays, especially on the outside. In fact, the Bucs have thought about moving MLB Mason Foster outside to give them more athleticism. But now, David can play outside and probably allow Foster to stay inside. His biggest contribution early will be in sub packages as a cover/space linebacker.

Walter Football: A

The Buccaneers really needed linebacker help and have shown interest in Lavonte David, so this makes a ton of sense. David was No. 35 on the consensus big board, so he provides great value. I can't fault Tampa Bay at all for trading up for him.