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If Alfonzo Dennard Keeps Falling, Tampa Should Get Him

forget the fact that he actually looks like a demon- he can cover.
forget the fact that he actually looks like a demon- he can cover.

Alfonzo Dennard is consistently rated as one of the top cornerbacks in this class. Mock drafts projected him as high as the late first round, though averages mid second. Unfortunately, because of his recent arrest, he's tumbled all the way into the fourth round.

If Dominik has any magic left he should use it. I questioned him when the team decided to skip LSU's main man, and am optimistic of Martin. The David trade, however, won me over. It was lucky for the Nebraska standout to be there so late in the second round, but that serendipity cannot be depended upon. If and when Dennard plummets toward the late 4th round Tampa needs to make a move.

Alfonzo is far and away the best cornerback left as he has at least second round talent. The arrest is what has kept team away. If he's within reach for a fifth and sixth or seventh round pick, Tampa could shore up their last position of concern with a man who would presumably start.

I suggest this even considering his recent arrest. Say what you will about selecting low character players, I believe the danger is outbalanced by the potential for reward. Dennard isn't the talent that Jenkins is, yet the team would only be risking low round picks. If he goes off of the deep end, you cut him. I'd prefer that than taking a stab at someone with a late pick and watch them get released before opening day. The value is there. Besides him, this draft is about tapped.