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2012 NFL Draft Results: Reviewing the second day of the Bucs draft and looking forward

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers came into the second day of the NFL draft with one draft pick: the fifth pick in the third round. They had used their second-rounder to trade back into the first and take running back Doug Martin out of Boise State. But the Bucs still had one overwhelming need at linebacker, a position they had failed to address at all this offseason. In addition, the Bucs lacked stability at cornerback, with Aqib Talib going on trial this summer.

The Bucs acted decisively to address one of those needs: they traded their third- and fourth-round picks to take Lavonte David in the second round, adding a late seventh-round pick in the process. While the Bucs failed to address cornerback so far in this draft, David projects to be an immediate three-down starter at outside linebacker, solidifying a linebacking corps that was in dire need of fresh blood.

So what does this mean for the Bucs going forward? They have four picks left: the fifth pick in the fifth round (140th overall), the fourth pick in the sixth round (174th overall), the fifth pick in the seventh round (212th overall), and the 26th pick in the seventh round (233rd overall). The Bucs have one relatively big need at cornerback, and a few minor needs at right tackle, tight end and defensive tackle. There are very few quality players left in this draft, however, when compared to previous years. The Bucs would be best served by selecting the best available player at each draft pick, regardless of position.

But will the Bucs do that, or will they once again trade up to fill a need with a player they like? The Bucs have sure been active this draft. Join us tomorrow for the final day of the draft, as we'll have plenty of analysis throughout the day.