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2012 NFL Draft: What do you think of Lavonte David as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer?

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If there was one player who seemed destined to be a Tampa Bay Buccaneer this offseason, it was Lavonte David. An undersized but instinctive and explosive linebacker, Lavonte David reminds everyone and anyone of Derrick Brooks. That's a lofty comparison, and it seems doubtful he'll ever reach Brooks' Hall of Fame level of play, but the basic ingredients are in place, and the style certainly is there.

To get this player, though, the Buccaneers had to trade up once again. This time, the trade up did not come cheap. They gave up a third-round pick and a fourth-round pick for the Texans' second-round pick and their seventh-round pick. But they did that to grab another three-down starter.

So, what do you think of this selection? Do you love it, hate it? Do you like the trade, or think it was too expensive? Let us known right now in the poll and the comments.