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Browns 2012 Draft Picks: Cleveland trading for Minnesota's #3 draft pick

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The Cleveland Browns have traded up with the Minnesota Vikings for the third overall draft pick, according to Jay Glazer. The Minnesota Vikings have been trying to get a team to trade up for weeks on end, and they appear to have finally succeeded with the Cleveland Browns. The Browns were presumably worried about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers possibly moving up for Trent Richardson, as that's the Browns' most likely draft target. Jay Glazer reports that the Browns have given up three picks for the third pick.

What does this mean for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

Obviously, this means Trent Richardson is no longer an option for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, unless the Browns shock the world and select someone else. This means the Minnesota Vikings could select Matt Kalil or Morris Claiborne at #4. If they select Kalil, the Bucs are exceedingly likely to take Morris Claiborne. If they take Morris Claiborn, the Bucs would most likely try to trade down, and could find a trade partner in the Buffalo Bills. If they don't succeed in finding a trade partner, they could take Kalil - or they could look at linebacker Luke Kuechly, safety Mark Barron or even cornerback Stephon Gilmore.