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Bill Polian mocks the Tampa Bay Buccaneers trading with the Minnesota Vikings

This is very interesting. ESPN got Bill Polian, Herm Edwards, Todd McShay and a fourth guy I don't recognize in a room together, and asked them to pretend to be the Minnesota Vikings as they're fielding trade offers while on the clock. Very relevant for the Buccaneers, too, who have been rumored to want to trade up for Trent Richardson. Watch below:

The end result: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers trade up with the Minnesota Vikings for the third overall pick so they can select Trent Richardson. The cost: the Bucs' first-rounder at fifth overall, their third-rounder, which is 68th overall, and their fifthsixth-rounder, which comes 174th overall.

It was really interesting to see Bill Polian work a small war room and play out this scenario, but I'd be incredibly disappointed if the Buccaneers indeed gave up this much to move up just two spots. The Bucs have an incredible amount of holes on their team, there's a small chance Richardson falls to them at no. 5 anyway, and the value of running backs is certainly in doubt.

And despite all that, this move would not surprise me. I went through the pros and cons of such a move yesterday, and the likelihood of it happening. The Bucs have made moves to get 'their' guy before. Will they do it today?