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SB Nation's Final 2012 NFL Mock Draft: Tampa Bay Buccaneers trade back - with the Jets

Another 2012 NFL mock draft from SB Nation, as Ryan Van Bibber gives it one last go. This time, he comes up with an original scenario for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers: the New York Jets trade up with the Bucs for their first-round pick, so they can select running back Trent Richardson. Take it away, Ryan:

This is the hot rumor right now, that most people are buying as a very real possibility. He would certainly help Mark Sanchez, who is not a good quarterback. And what about the "devaluation" of the position? Cosell noted that phenomenon in the basement of the Waldorf, calling it a "philosophical abstraction." In his eyes, Richardson is a "special player" and will be a top pick in the draft.

This would be interesting, but unlikely. For one, there are reports suggesting the chance of the Jets trading up for Richardson is "0.0". More importantly, it seems unlikely that the Buccaneers will be willing to drop that far in the draft without some massive compensation in the form of draft picks.