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Draft approaching

With just a few days and a few picks remaining until the Tampa Bay Buccaneers pick, draft talk is in high gear around here. It's no surprise that the draft generates so much interest and debate, particularly on a losing team. We all have our opinions on what the team needs to do to improve and until that pick is made, we can all theorize and fantasize on what should be done, how it will affect our team and what impact it will have in the 2012 season.

See, that's the best part about the draft. For those with a high draft pick, it's a chance to pick up a stud player that can turn a franchise around, provide some highlights and a reason to watch a game. We can discuss who would be the best fit and why, which players don't make sense and come up with countless scenarios. It's essentially a fantasy football aspect to a real team.

Us Bucs fans have been waiting for draft day since about Week 10 last year, being on full "Draft Watch" as we lost 10 straight and wondering what type of player it would take to turn around this team. We'll get a lot of answers to a ton of questions starting this week and I look forward to talking shop with everyone as the draft unfolds.