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The hits just keep on coming for the New Orleans Saints

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ESPN is reporting that a source has disclosed information that New Orleans Saints GM Mickey Loomis, who is already serving an eight game suspension for bountygate, had a listening device installed in his suite that allowed him to listen to all communication from visiting teams' offensive and defensive radio communication during gameplay.

The sources said when Loomis took his seat during home games, then in the front row of box No. 4 in the 300 level of the Superdome's north side, he was able to plug an earpiece into a jack that was under the desk in front of him. The earpiece was not unlike those used to listen to inexpensive transistor radios, the sources said. With the earpiece in place, Loomis could then toggle back and forth with a switch that he controlled, enabling him to listen to either the game-day communications of the opposing offensive or defensive coaches.

If found guilty, Loomis may face more than an additional suspension from the NFL. Listening to someone else's communications via a listening device without their knowledge or consent is illegal, and violation of federal law.

Statute of limitations comes into play on this one. If Loomis only used the device before the 2005 season then he will not be able to be prosecuted. The wiring set up was supposedly disabled in September 2005, following the Katrina disaster. What a coincidence!

The Saints have said that this is report is "1000 percent false", but considering the fact that they just lied their way throughout the bountygate investigation, no one is likely to believe them. It's also important to note that suspended head coach Sean Payton is not implicated in this particular scandal, as he didn't come on board until 2006. This would have all occurred under the reign of Jim Haslett.

This seems fairly thin, and NFL is quoted in the article that they are not aware of any allegations. 'Outside the Lines' also freely admits that they were unable to determine if Loomis actually ever used the device during the games. Either way, an investigation is surely coming.