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Buccaneer Flashback: 9th Worst Draft pick in Tampa Bay History - Dexter Jackson

As we steamroll toward the 2012 NFL draft, we take a brief look back into the annals of Buccaneer history to provide you the best and worst of the previous Tampa Bay Buccaneers drafts. These opinions are of the article's author and not intended to represent the consensus opinion of all the staff of Buc Nation.

Throughout the history of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, there have been just some terrible misses in the NFL draft. Many of these occurred between 1980-94 when the franchise was mired in one of the worst runs in sports history. A lot of them occurred in the 2nd or 3rd round - which is as far back in the draft as we wanted to go to consider a bust (after all, if a 5th round pick doesn't amount to much, it's not really a bust - just a waste).

Of all of these bad apples, these are the ten I feel have been the worst picks in Franchise history.

List:10 Worst Draft picks in Buccaneers History

Previously Listed:

10.Kenyatta Walker, 1st round, pick 14, 2001

Player: Dexter Jackson

Position: WR

Ranking: 9th

Draft: 2nd round, pick 27, 2008

In 2008, the Bucs were in perfect position to draft Desean Jackson in the 2nd round but decided that securing an extra 5th round draft pick was more important. They traded down with Jacksonville and a few spots later, Philadelphia shocked the draft room by securing Jackson.

Tampa Bay panicked, drafting Dexter Jackson as soon as their pick came up. It was a terrible blunder. Desean Jackson went on to become a Pro Bowl returner and receiver.

Dexter Jackson quickly developed a reputation as a soft player who shied away from contact. Active for only 7 games of his NFL career, he averaged just 4.5 yards a punt return and 23.5 yards a kickoff return. He never caught a pass in a regular season game.

He would be cut during training camp the next season.

The fifth round pick would be traded to Chicago in a swap of fourth round picks to give the Bucs the rights to draft Dre Moore.