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Buccaneer Flashback: 10th Worst Draft pick in Tampa Bay History - Kenyatta Walker

As we steamroll toward the 2012 NFL draft, we take a brief look back into the annals of Buccaneer history to provide you the best and worst of the previous Tampa Bay Buccaneers drafts.

These opinions are of the article's author and not intended to represent the consensus opinion of all the staff of Buc Nation.

Throughout the history of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, there have been just some terrible misses in the NFL draft. Many of these occurred between 1980-94 when the franchise was mired in one of the worst runs in sports history. A lot of them occurred in the 2nd or 3rd round - which is as far back in the draft as we wanted to go to consider a bust (after all, if a 5th round pick doesn't amount to much, it's not really a bust - just a waste).

Of all of these bad apples, these are the ten I feel have been the worst picks in Franchise history.

List:10 Worst Draft picks in Buccaneers History

Player: Kenyatta Walker

Position: LT

Ranking: 10th

Draft: 1st round, pick 14, 2001

Walker's presence on this list isn't for lack of trying. He played in 75 games, starting 73. Walker's indictment and the reason he is on this list are the lofty expectations placed upon his broad shoulders. He was considered one of the best players in the draft of 2001. When he surprisingly began to tumble down the draft, the Bucs traded their second round pick in that draft to move up and take him at the 14th overall selection.

Expected to protect the blind side of Buccaneer quarterbacks for the next decade, Walker struggled and was considered one of the weakest links on the line during his tenure. He would eventually be moved to right tackle in 2006, where he would play three games before sustaining a season ending injury. He would never suit up for the Bucs again.