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Tampa Bay Buccaneers led the league in missed tackles per Football Outsiders

Barely a tackle.
Barely a tackle.

Football Outsiders has released another part of its game charting, this time giving us the broken tackles on defense. To no one's grand surprise, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers whiffed on the most tackles in the NFL in 2011: they missed 106 tackles on 88 different plays, with 9% of their plays including a missed tackle. All of these numbers led the league, and by a wide margin, too. Only the Philadelphia Eagles came close to the Bucs' total of missed tackles.

The individuals who missed those tackles have in part been purged from the team, however. Sean Jones and Tanard Jackson somehow managed to miss a combined 33 tackles - and neither safety is with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers anymore. Behind them, Quincy Black led the league in missed tackle rate: he missed 11, and made just 53. Black is still with the Buccaneers, as are E.J. Biggers, Mason Foster and Ronde Barber all of whom are featured on the list of players who missed a lot of tackles.

Tackling was a weak spot for the Bucs throughout Raheem Morris' tenure. In each of the past three seasons, the Bucs gave up a ridiculous amount of yards simply because of poor defensive fundamentals. Greg Schiano has promised to fix these issues, but can he really change this team in just one offseason?