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The new Tampa Bay Buccaneers can finally do some coaching

One of the least-publicized aspects of the new NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement is the amount of coaching the players are allowed to receiver during the offseason. That is: they're not allowed to receive any between the end of the season and the start of the offseason program. That offseason program starts on April 16 for most clubs this year - except those with a new head coach, who are allowed to start it today. Yes, that means all those shiny new coaches the Buccaneers hired have been doing no coaching whatsoever these past few months.

But today, that changes. Today, the Bucs can get in the building and coach. Today, Josh Freeman can finally start learning Mike Sullivan's offense - and he can receive some much-needed hands-on coaching on the intricacies of quarterbacking. Legarrette Blount can finally learn a new playbook. Vincent Jackson can finally find out how he fits in the new offense. And Eric Wright and Ronde Barber can start the fight for the right to paaaaaaartaay start on the outside.

Today the Bucs' turnaround starts. Hopefully.