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Daily Bucs Links 4/2/12 - A weekend when nothing happened

So I'm not around for a weekend and what happens in the NFL?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Here's your links for today:

NFC South salary-cap squeeze - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Everyone sucks at salary cap management.

New Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano feels urgency to win - Tampa Bay Times
And rightly so.

Bucs Q&A: Will Schiano think defense with first pick? |
Answer: no one has a freaking clue.

Different look at NFC South free agency - NFC South Blog - ESPN
The Bucs rule the division in at least one area this year.

Video: Saints' appeals on Tuesday - NFC South Blog - ESPN
I give them no shot.

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Appeals may focus on disconnect between bounties, on-field actions | ProFootballTalk
Okay. Still going to be suspended.

NFP Sunday Blitz | National Football Post
Always worth a read, this time with Tebow.

Saints bounty penalties and prep work for NFL draft dominating NFL headlines - Peter King -
And MMQB says Greg Schiano will learn from Bill Belichick.

Tannehill could give Vikings trade leverage | ProFootballTalk
More draft speculation.

What It Is Worth: Trading Down
Everyone wants to trade down, but few teams want to trade up.