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Peter King: Cleveland Browns love Justin Blackmon

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The pivotal point for the first round and perhaps the most important draft pick for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers other than their own is that of the Cleveland Browns. It's still completely unclear what the Browns will do: will they pick Morris Claiborne, Trent Richardson, Ryan Tannehill, or Justin Blackmon? Will they trade down, or at least try to do so? Nobody knows!

Except, apparently, Peter King, who writes that Browns GM Tom Heckert loves Justin Blackmon. The Oklahoma State wide receiver is generally seen as the top receiver in this draft class, but he's not nearly as good as previous top 5 draft picks at receiver like A.J. Green, Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson and others. The consequences for the Bucs: they're likely to choose between Trent Richardson and one of Morris Claiborne and Matt Kalil. Why those? Because the Minnesota Vikings could take either of those players, with Matt Kalil being their most likely pick, and Morris Claiborne inching in closely behind him.